Who Can Save America?

August 24, 2011

As I continually put forth the effort to dig tirelessly through all the “fluff” that populates the various media avenues, I find myself searching exclusively for the truth on the issues that plague our country at present time.  These issues do not just typically drop out of thin air and many times they are agenda items that can be rather complex and always require time and MONEY to solve.  Having said this much, one of the indistinguishable thoughts that has now become an “issue” by a vast majority of American citizens is, “who can save America“?

We can ponder on this question for hours upon hours and for those who consider themselves “responsible” voters, they likely do this frequently.  There is much information regarding these candidates running  for office and we should attempt to discover as much factual knowledge about them as possible.  Many times there is information to corroborate  one’s ability to produce the necessary changes that will be needed in order to accomplish the stated goal.  By allowing one’s preconceived opinion to dominate over that which is “fact” could possibly be a fatal blow to finding the best candidate who could quite possibly “save” America from progressing even further into a socialist state then she already is today.

I was privileged to read a fabulous article from a friend of mine and will share it with you all because it tends to illustrate perfectly the plaguing situation that our country faces with a situation that one of the world’s most recognized companies also faced.   As you read the article, try to imagine what it might take for our country to ultimately achieve a similar outcome.


By Michael Master, author of “Save America Now”.


In my early years at IBM, we were taught to think.  Signs that read “THINK” were hung everywhere.

Then we lost something.  IBM almost went out of business in 1990.  Deficits, negative cash flow, were wiping out the retained earnings in the business.  Desk top computers and off the shelf software were changing the use of computers.  Foreign competition was taking market share.  Domestic computer companies were dying or being consolidated.  IBM wondered away from the basic beliefs of the founder, Tom Watson.  The collective thinking in IBM was to raise prices to increase revenue to cover expenses and that thinking was a failure.  The incest of promoting from within the organization for 75 years stifled innovation.  We had stopped thinking.


IBM in 1990 was much like how the USA government is today.


The IBM Board of Directors hired Lew Gerstner as CEO to save the company.  They went against the wishes of the IBM organization.  Gerstner was the first CEO in the 75 years of IBM to not come from inside of the company.  He had eye sight and ideas that were previously ignored.  Gerstner was from outside of the internal politics in Armonk, NY.  He owed nothing to anyone.


What did he do?


1. he re-emphasized and re-implemented the basic beliefs of the founding father, Tom Watson.


2. he cut payroll expenses.


3. he focused on making better and cheaper products.


4. he cut out all the fringe programs and all frivolous product development.


5. he focused on the core business.


The share price of IBM stock increased from $42 to $152 in 20 years (more than 300%).  Sales increased by almost 100%.  IBM is profitable.  And IBM will celebrate its 100th birthday in just a couple of years while almost all the other pre-1975 computer companies have disappeared.


So what can we learn from Mr. Gerstner?  What can we learn from IBM?


We can learn to THINK critically.  We can learn to question.  We can learn to discover root causes to problems rather than just attack the symptoms.  We can learn that the system and people who cause problems are not the ones who will solve those problems.  We can learn that the American people need to assume their role as the board of directors of the USA and do what is necessary to save America.


It is time to think about these things:


AARP and SEIU were the biggest supporters of Obamacare.  Both of them have been granted exceptions to it along with 1469 other organizations.  Why is Obamacare OK for the rest of us when the 2 biggest supporters of it are not going to do it?  What did insurance companies get in Obamacare for their $20 million of contributions to Obama?  Why are benefits decreasing and premiums increasing with Obamacare?  So why is the USA implementing Obamacare?


Labor is the biggest expense of the federal government.  So why are we not reducing government expenses by reducing the pay to government employees without laying any of them off?


The core business of the federal government is protection of Americans and protection of the Constitution.  So why is the government involved in so many other things?  What needs to be cut?


The core values of our founding fathers are documented in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  So what exactly do those documents say?  Why don’t our children understand what are in those documents when they graduate from high school?  Why do children who are home schooled score so much better on standardized tests than those who are taught in our government run schools?


Manufacturing has decreased 70% as a percent of GDP.  What keeps the USA from making better and cheaper products?


Oil purchases from foreign countries drain $700billiion from the USA each year.  So why isn’t the USA replacing foreign oil with domestic oil, nuclear, and coal as soon as possible?


The birth rate to white women is only half of what is needed to maintain the USA population with internal growth.  What is keeping white American women from breeding?


It is time to think!  What needs to be done to save America?  Who can lead us to do it?


America needs someone like Lew Gerstner.  We need someone from outside of the incestuous federal government, outside of the ruling class in Washington, DC to lead us…..to save us.




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