We Must Remember the “Pillars”

August 24, 2011

I love nothing more than a person who stands on principle and always strives to do the “right thing” despite the criticism that can be hurtful and daunting at times from others.  Every now and then our country is blessed to have an elected official who will do just that.  He or she will stand on principle and try to make decisions that will benefit America greatly.  We are VERY blessed to have Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina as one of the MOST EFFECTIVE Senators in Congress today.  He has the best of intentions for our country at heart and I know he loves America greatly.  How does a man become so admired by many and able to withstand harsh criticisms at times and still press on for the greater good of a country?  I believe he draws his strength and effectiveness from two powerful sources.  First, he is a man who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior and second, he has a wonderful, loving wife.   It is she, Mrs. Debbie DeMint, that I would like to reference today as the “pillar” that I am referring to today.

Dear Mrs. DeMint,

I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for all the support and sacrifices you make on behalf of your husband, Senator Jim DeMint.  Your sacrifice of sharing him with the millions of citizens who reside in our country has not been overlooked or dismissed.  I am truly thankful for your love and devotion to our country as well.

As a strong conservative in America, I cannot help but swell with pride when I hear your husband speak on behalf of those of us who recognize just what it is that our great country was built on.  He is a very honorable man and one of my favorite Senators in Congress.  Because of principled men like him, although they seem to be fewer in number these days, I continually pray that we will have the ability to restore honor and prosperity to our country.  The Senator would not be as effective as he is without the support and love from his wife and for that, we have you to thank.

As we endure the days ahead and not knowing what is in store for our country, I know this much; without your support and dedication to America Mrs. DeMint, we would not have gained as much ground as we did in November of 2010 when we were able to take control back of the House of Representatives.  I offer my heart felt gratitude to you for being the pillar of strength and support that your husband has needed that he would be as great and effective and trusted as he is.  You are a fine patriot and a true inspiration for all of us.  May God always bless and protect you and your family in every decision and choice you make.
Warmest regards always,

Terri  Nicholson



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