Standing On Principle

August 25, 2011

We are approaching a time in our country that many of us thought we would never see in our lifetime and hoped that our country would never face. The time I am speaking about is the time where we are faced to make a choice as to remaining on the current path or veering onto a new path that might place us in the limelight to ridicule and derision.

I ponder on events both foreign and domestic that have taken place in our country during my lifetime and I examine the root causes of these events and what we can do to change the course we are on. It is unfortunate when a citizen and federal taxpayer feels helpless and caged. Helpless in the regards of watching things take place in our country and not being able to halt the progression altogether, and caged in knowing that we have an “establishment” in Washington that seems to disregard the voice and cries from the American citizens in our country and keeps us in the constraints that seem to shackle our efforts for true freedom.

A principled, strong, conservative in America,  can no longer just accept the status quo of having to cast a vote for a party that seems different in title but in action offers little distinction. There are politicians in Washington whom have made a conscience choice to leave America on a path of their preference, regardless of objections stated by the citizens of the United States.

We’ve heard all the politicians in Washington speak on various issues, what they believe and why. Many times it sounds favorable and well received but we soon learn that those spoken words were just that: spoken words. The favorable actions rarely seem to substantiate the words we heard and agreed with. We then become frustrated and sometimes just plain angry and wonder if we will ever get the outcome that we desperately seek as true conservatives.

Strong, principled conservatives in America are  likely devout Christians who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.   It is because of this trust in the Word that these conservatives possess, that will guide them in doing what is right and honorable for both God and country. This type of conviction no longer affords one the ability to just dismiss and turn a blind eye to the actions from the establishment that continually ignore the Constitution of the United States and violate every principle that “true” conservatives confidently stand on.

The person who is willing to stand on “principle”, will not be inert to think that “anyone” other than what we currently have will be better. It is this approach to candidates that keep us on the path to destruction,  regardless of which party is driving the “car”.

America is at a crossroads in our lifetime. We are at a place where we definitely cannot afford to settle for “better than what we have now”.  America deserves more than just “better”.  She sacrificed much to become the country that possessed the one value that no other country had and that value was FREEDOM.  Yes, America DESERVES not “better” but the BEST candidate. Our country is screaming for a candidate that understands the foundation to which our country was built. We need a leader that is willing to recognize the Constitution and the principles of conservatism that must never be forgotten because when they are, we find ourselves in the situation that we are currently enduring.  A situation that keeps our country divided and at great odds with one another.

As we continually think about the upcoming election, there are words that should penetrate our minds. These words were spoken by John Quincy Adams and he said this, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” How can we possibly ignore those profound words that ring with such truth? The answer is: we cannot ignore those words.

Will the road ahead be uncharted territory for America? Perhaps, but we can recall what Luke 1:37 says:
“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” I believe there are no other words more truly written than those.  We must ask ourselves if we are willing to “stand on principle” though we may stand alone or are we willing to concede on the fight to restore America to greatness and just vote for more of the same?   Making a difference and changing the course of events must begin somewhere.  Shouldn’t the time be now?



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